Sunday, August 1, 2010

Move to Austin and Travels, Complete!

Sort of..Moved into a temporary house in Austin a few days ago. I am back in the heat and loving it. Too hot to go outside in the August heatwave? Go to a meditation class and then to an hour and a half yoga class. Then, stay inside, read, and eat watermelon! When the sun starts to set, go to the bridge and watch thousands of bats emerge from the pillar feasting on the bugs that humans and plants attract. Then play.

Also, eat kick-high salads such as this crazy one:

Lots of greens (spinach, mixed springs)
Raw summer corn off the cob (carb allotment)
1/2 small turnip, sliced
1/4 diced avocado
1/3 cucumber, quartered
Pinch of pecan pieces
Pinch of gorgonzola cheese
PInch of diced cranberries

Blend a tbsp of cashews to get a butter consistency, add lemon juice, ground pepper and some thyme.


  1. Please tell me you wont' move for AT LEAST 6 months after this?