Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 47

I am going to step it up and put my mind/body in the Kung Fu Body project. I have been very on and off with it, which I am not proud of, nor do I intend on continuing that way. Here's to KFB!

Mind and body balance is a tipsy scale that can fluctuate depending on the situation. Many stress the mind controlling the body, and to control the mind to control the body. It is also important to control the mind with the body. For example, taking an action that will benefit your mind, body and soul that your mind does not feel like taking but your body does. Jumping off of a rock into water. You know it will be fun, you know once you are in the water, it will be cold but you will be glad you jumped in. Your body wants to swim across the cove, but your mind says no because of fear. Taking that jump and listening to your body will result in the most fulfilled action. Calming the mind by deciding you will listen to the body, puts it at rest. Let me practice balancing mindfulness and bodyfulness.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 26

The 2nd grade class dances in the morning when the P.E. teacher plays a song over the intercom. About once every other week this song comes on and it's the jam that makes my morning awesomely danceable.


Strong hip flexors cure sciatica! Whoot whoot! Strong abs + balanced hip flexors + Piriformis stretching = happy nerves

Less pressure on the nerve because the muscles around it are strong and supporting the body weight.

This is great news for daily comfort levels.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Balance was not my strength growing up. I did not focus on it until I began rock climbing. Then came asana. A few months ago someone told me i was graceful for the first time in my life; I was filled with happiness.

Focusing on balance on both sides of your body gives you a sense of every inch of your being, instead of just focusing on the part of the body you are using at that moment. You are simultaneously managing every little muscle, and all the other good stuff in between.

It also prevents injuries and nerve damage. By equally distributing the weight on both sides of your body, not relying more on the more balanced side, your nerves and bones are not crushed towards to ground with extra weight.

Go go gadget Resting Buddha!